They truly put their hearts into transforming the spaces. They were very fast to understand the vision, and came up with extremely creative designs and stuck to deadlines as well as budgets – a miracle really the restaurants especially have become huge successes since the TNB magic touch transformed them.
Nadia Zaal, Co-Founder & CEO - Zaya Nurai Island,
Abu Dhabi
Big thank you to TNB for making our dream space a reality! Our clinic was envisioned to be a space of love and home-iness and the inclusive design process which really took into consideration our values and choices made for an amazing end product! We are now recognized by the beauty and warmth of our space and vibe, which adds to our success! Love from us @disc_dubai
Dr. Tamara Ghazi, Co-Founder & Medical Director - Diversified Integrated Sports Clinic (DISC),
Dubai & Kuwait
We feel blessed to have crossed paths with The Native Bohemians. We clicked straight away. Reem & Arsalan have a special energy, which reflects in their work. They were extremely professional and committed, investing their complete time in nurturing our project, with a strong attention to detail. They really pushed to get the best out of us. And the outcome, did not only result in a beautiful space, we gained a long lasting friendship.
Phoebe and Sophie, Co-Owners & Founders - Raw Candy,
Manama, Bahrain
Working with the power duo Reem & Arsalan from the native bohemians is like a breath of fresh air ! I can not say enough to do them justice.. they are not your ordinary designers that you commission for an interior project.. you go with them through an amazing creative process of design.. they are not just genuine but will give you the value you paid for and you will never regret it! By the end, when you look at any design project you work on with them, I promise you will fall in love with it every single day & you will never want to work with anyone else.. You don’t just end up with a stunning design but a true friendship with a shared love of everything beautiful...forever grateful to them
Asma Hilal Lootah, Founder & Owner - The Hundred Wellness Centre,
If you’re looking for true authentic creative consultants, and designs that will transport you to another country then you cannot go wrong with The Native Bohemians.
We have had the pleasure to work with Reem and Arsalan for our project and it was nothing short of amazing. They completely understood our vision and have delivered designs that are very inspirational and true to what have envisioned. We loved the easiness of their attitudes whilst also keeping everything very professional and within the required timeframes.
We would definitely recommend anyone to approach them as they really do offer a unique and different point of view which we have not seen in this region.
Majed Bin Eisa, Co-Founder & Co-Owner - Caff,
It was truly delightful working with The Native Bohemians. My bedroom design was something I started years back and wasn’t able to complete on my own. And because of my perfectionist tendencies, I was worried that working with a design company will only give me a hard time. But Reem understood me from the beginning. Her proposal was perfect to complete the vision I had in mind and bring it into life. I loved her beautiful selection of rugs, pieces of furniture, and accessories. They all complemented my existing furniture and really brought things together. Arsalan was also very helpful and took care of my existing wooden wall panels, making sure they were properly removed, polished, reinstalled, and secured. I feel so grateful to have worked with them both. It was such a smooth and fun experience. Thank you Reem and Arsalan for helping me finally transform my space into the beautiful sacred haven it is!
Maryam, Residential Client,
The Native Bohemians are a dynamic & creative couple with the ability to transform spaces into dreamy retreats. They morphed Bodytree into a bohemian haven out of Venice Beach, California. Their attention to detail and design is unparalleled in the market and their passion and love for design translates into their work. Bodytree is a happier space thanks to them. We love you Reem & Arsalan!
Nadia Sehweil, Co-Founder & CEO - Bodytree Studio,
Abu Dhabi
My family and I have been very impressed by the professionalism, ease of communication and how incredibly organized both Reem and Arsalan are as a team. Their comprehension and knowledge from idea to implementation and everything else in between is refreshing! Words that come to mind when we think of The Native Bohemians are availability, reliability, attention to details and their personal care. These qualities prove to be challenging to find.
Shoug Al Nowais, Residential Client,
Abu Dhabi