Once the design concept of a space is finalized, we can help scour the market for pieces that complete the look. we conduct a thorough search, evaluate all options with our client, and we’re always looking for a bargain. our priority is to find locally manufactured items and in some cases regional or global retailers. we prefer to source fair trade and environmentally friendly products. we also custom make our own furniture, giving it that extra native boho style.
We believe in expressing our clients’ true essence in their space, so we focus on styling with beautiful and inspiring furniture, textiles and accessories. our interior styling services extend on site, which includes set up and installation in the case of: project completion, home staging and modeling, and holiday or special event decoration.
Often, clients ask us to take on a quasi-project management role to aid in the smooth transition from vision to reality. this involves scheduled visits to the site to supervise works fulfilled by dedicated professionals such as painters, electricians, contractors or the like. being the author of the project design we believe our presence during implementation adds value, protects the clients' interests, and maintains the harmony of all elements from start to finish.
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